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Zero to Hired: Ultimate Guides Bundle

Originally $81 when purchased separately, get our ZERO TO HIRED BUNDLE for 25% off!

This includes the Ultimate Guides to Resumes, Interviews, and Job Search Emails.

Zero to Hired includes:

Ultimate Guide Resumes:

  • Understand 3 different methods to tailor your resume to 10x your chances of landing interviews
  • Get 5+ best in class resume examples from past success stories & ATS friendly templates
  • Exact resumes from Sho that he used during his job search to see what works and what doesn’t

Ultimate Guide Interviews:

  • Learn the interview framework that Sho teaches his 1:1 clients for all interview questions
  • Answers for the 7 most common interview questions you will get in your interviews including Tell Me About Yourself, What’s Your Biggest Weakness, Why This Role, etc.
  • Breakdown of the different types of interviews you will face and how to prepare for them

Ultimate Guide Job Search Emails:

  • Fill in the blank templates that make it easy for you to add in your personal touch
  • Expert job search strategies to expedite the hiring process and negotiate big salary raises
  • 35+ different emails and templates for every job search situation you can think of 

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What People Are Saying:

Sho and the Workhap team have been such an important part of my career pivot and the reason how I got to where I am today! I did something I didn’t think I could do and landed 3 roles after working with Sho! I pivoted from healthcare to recruiting and landed my first role at a small recruiting boutique, quit, and landed a role at a top tech company the same week! The care and sincerity they put into their programs is something I’ve never experienced before.

Jen, People Ops Specialist

Sho really is a subject matter expert when it comes to everything about careers, job search, and the hiring process. It was also eye-opening to see that I was not the only one in my situation. Love the community brought together by Workhap and how we encourage one another along the way! The strategies I used really impressed my interviewers, who were senior directors with the company

Jonathan, Regional Talent Development Manager

I had the best experience working with Sho. He helped me realize my accomplishments and the value of what I have accumulated in my career. This boost was definitely need, it gave me that "Can do" attitude and not to undersell my accomplishment. In the end, I got an offer that was 60% more than my current salary and I could not be more excited for the new challenge.

Sofiat, Director of Health Policy